Godzilla Mousepad "Fire"

Oversized High precision Godzilla mousepad

Quality: Discover the ultimate desk companion with our spacious mousepad, boasting generous dimensions of 80cm x 35cm. This ample size accommodates both your keyboard and mouse with ease, creating a seamless and expansive work or gaming area.
Crafted with an extra-thick 4mm design, this mousepad promises unwavering stability, firmly anchoring to your desk to prevent any unwanted slipping during intense gaming sessions or focused work hours.
The surface is fashioned from a premium, smooth polyester fabric, ensuring your mouse glides effortlessly across with pinpoint precision. This high-quality material enhances mouse tracking accuracy, elevating your gaming or professional experience.
Moreover, we’ve added a water-repellent coating to safeguard against spills, keeping your gaming area clean and protected.
To guarantee enduring quality, the edges of the mousepad are double-stitched. This reinforcement not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures it withstands the test of time.

Sustainability: We use natural rubber for all our mousepads instead of oil-based material. The packaging is made from FSC certified recycled cardboard, printed with eco-friendly, plant-based inks. Which won´t interfere with a later recycling process.

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Natural rubber / Naturkautschuk