Guild Wars 2 Statue "Aurene"

The vivid history of Guild Wars 2 now finds its way into the figurine collections worldwide as a detailed Aurene Statue measuring 14,1 cm x 25,4 cm x 21,7 cm.
The collaboration with the Guild Wars 2 developer studio ArenaNet has succeeded in developing a high-quality NPVC statue, which makes the hearts of fans, collectors and Guild Wars enthusiasts beat faster.
The statue of the Elder Dragon has been produced in the complex "vacuplate" process to give the statue the crystalline, transparent look known from the game. Depending on the incidence of light, the surface shimmers in different colors and conveys the graceful and mystical character that Aurene also has in Guild Wars 2. On the included base, that is also produced in the "vacuplate" process, the statue is not positioned in the classic way, but can be taken down and aligned as desired.

Exclusive: As a special addition to the Aurene statue, there is also an exclusive ingame code in the package, which is only available with the statue and unlocks a cape with Aurene's logo. The statue is packaged in a colored box, that is 100% recyclable and printed with environmentally friendly, sustainable printing colors.

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