Original Stormtrooper T-Shirt "Never Fails"

Sustainable premium T-shirt for the Original Stormtrooper. This black T-shirt with large, multicoloured chest print cannot be surpassed in absurdity. The Original Stormtrooper rides through space on a giant cat and lets the mount fire lasers through its eyes. The gloomy space background is adorned with a brightly coloured rainbow. This T-shirt has been produced with a focus on sustainability, durability and high wearing comfort. The raw material consists of 100% cotton (GOTS-certified organic cotton), which requires up to 91% less water in cultivation. For an optimal fit, the T-shirt is produced with a side seam (no tubular fabric) and a basis weight of 150 g/m². With a new technique, the water needed for screen production can be reused and therefore we were able to reduce fresh water consumption by up to 75%. The water-based dyes significantly reduce the microplastic produced during production.

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Organic cotton / Bio-Baumwolle